ToC-Cover-AssamThe story of a riot

How Assam 2012 came into being. A four-year investigation

Fly Lara Fly229627

The method behind the genius, the early-morning vision behind the epics. The Cricket Monthly


A bigot on a train

Community education during a train journey with a swami-neta. For India Today

McCurry’s India105 Rajasthan print

And a little about Raghubir Singh’s, for Intelligent Life on the web.

One day in spring

A baby was born. For Business Standard Weekend.

The greatest ball

My choice: Wasim to Dravid, Chennai, 1999

Akhil Sharma’s Family Life

The winner of the Folio Prize 2015 – a beautiful, unsentimental and heartbreaking novel


On Phillip Hughes

Life goes on – but it’s not quite the same. Introducing the January issue of The Cricket Monthly

Federer comes to Delhi

Collides with Djokovic – and Bollywood. For Intelligent Life on the web.

Jonty takes off

The most significant act of fielding, for The Cricket Monthly